Favorite scavenger hunt photo

Autobots gangnam style - Copy

By j241415919


   I chose to upload this picture because this is my favorite photo i have taken from this whole project. I like this picture because i like how there are two of sienna and both of her are in the same position. Also i think that it is a creepy photo which makes me like it more. \

From my contact sheet i think some of the images turned out bad because i didn’t adjust the lighting on every shot so some pictures went very light and some went dark. I would change the positions of where i took to picture of sienna so it didn’t look so dark.

From what i know about filters now i would like to try more infrared b&W pictures with more people and go different places that had water and use digital with filter. What i would do differently is go to more places and not just stay around school to take the pictures.

What i found worked the most was infrared pictures because there was a bigger difference than the other ones. i learnt that pictures with filters look way better than pictures with out filter. I found that the infrared pictures were easy to do . What frustrated me the most was thinking of ideas of what to take photos of and taking some of the digital pictures (color) with filters because i couldn’t see a lot of difference in the pictures.



By j241415919